Bukkit Modern LWC - Continuation of LWC 2.0.7

An LWC version were you can lock entites and the only LWC out now!

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    LWC Unofficial - Entity locking - An LWC version were you can lock entites!

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  2. How does it work when wanting to lock armor stands, I tried /lock but that didn't work
  3. You need to punch the armor stand.
  4. do you enable the feature in the Config? because when I do that nothing really happens
  5. are you using the newest Spigot?
  6. Yes, then again, does the Spigot Updates happen when BuildTools get Updated, or do I just keep Compiling and hope for a Update?
  7. You need to compile the buildtool. The buildtool isnt getting updated anytime soon (as far as i know). So you need to recompile the buildtool to get the new Spigot.
  8. can you send me the link to where I can compile it
  9. Are you windows or mac?
  10. Linux
  11. can you tell me the Command in linux to do it, totally forgot the maven command
  12. Linux: java -jar BuildTools.jar
  13. oh I though you needed me to Compile BuildTools via Source, ok, yeah I know how to do that, Gotta love Linux
  14. xD
  15. ok cool, its working now
  16. I'm glad.
  17. I wish there was like a Update Checker thing that runs at a specific time, to see if there are changes
  18. Yea.... Suggest it to md_5

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