Spigot Modern LWC - Continuation of LWC 2.1.5

An updated version of the LWC block protection plugin

  1. I'm aware its publicly available, that doesnt matter. It's just messy looking. No one cares to see all that spam, they just want to see the names. And lwc is 1.13?
  2. I do not know if anyone wrote about it, but some players may sometimes open chests protected by someone else (mc 1.13 lwc 2.0.8)
  3. Yes, it's a known problem - two-block protections (doors, double chests) are only protected in one half. Also when upgrading to the new version, the database is somehow not tupdated correctly, so a lot of protections are just lost (removing corrupted protection). I just hope there is a way to do this right :/
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  4. The problem with removing (un) damaged security has been from the beginning of version 2.0 and has not been repaired so far.
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  5. Ok. Im done with LWC. I am too busy for this shit and I got enough stress right now. If any wants to take over, feel free.
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  6. Please don't do that so too many puples want this resource and your Work on this is very great you want hollydays please don't left this :'(
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  7. That is what happens when people do nothing but complain, and post bad reviews in a section that is not needed/when reviews are not for errors.

    People can now suffer the consequences. I never used this plugin, but with this being the end - I guess people got what they deserve.

    Let people make their own forks or hire someone. I wouldn't deal with the stress either. Not about to help someone that is not grateful for something you do with your free time for absolutely no benefit at all.

    More Developers should be like you because I get tired of seeing these obnoxious ratings on Developer's pages, without the Developer being able to retaliate at all.

    Maybe people will learn to respect and appreciate what is given to them instead of being disrespectful turds.
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  8. TowelieDOH


    @md_5 Be our lord and savior pls :S
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  9. Like as usual, some people barks but a lot of users are respectful and waiting. The problem is we only hear dogs.

    Thank you Me_Goes_RAWR for all your work and *maybe* I hope someday you'll change your mind
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  10. I think the developer has decided right.
    Good work @Me_Goes_RAWR .
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  11. Thank you for your good work. You will be missed @Me_Goes_RAWR
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  12. 1.13 is now called "the graveyard edition".
  13. Well, the developer makes the mouth so he removed the downloads. Can someone give a link for the latest update please? (1.13)
  14. No please! Everyone needs this plugin!
  15. I don't know what to do.... Not being able to use LWC will harm my server badly, cause I can't convert thousands of protections to another plugin..
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  16. enterih


    nooo bad to hear

    i hope you'll be fine @Me_Goes_RAWR and hope you will sometimes come back. Without you on the LWC Project i'm worry about the future :(

    Thanks for the time that you has used for it!
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  17. I MIGHT be willing to do fixes and stuff. This most likely wont be til late fall early winter. Sorry about this. :(

    EDIT: To be honest, I'm not who you think I am. When I first started, I don't really know how to code stuff. I learned through LWC and stuff on Spigot/Bukkit. I decided to help out other people and I was hoping that the normal LWC would be here for a while but, when it stopped getting updates.. I was worried.. I NEVER coded for such a LARGE audience before. I am glad I got to learn and have with you guys/gals. I hope I get less busy and my stress/anxiety goes down a bit. Thanks to ALL of you for your love and support on this project.
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  18. This is a major bummer.. I gave you feedback, tested what could be tested, even made a small donation just as a thank you. But what can we do but try to accept it? Enjoy your time off, and please, don't completely forget about us. Too bad Hidendra abandoned the original LWC so long ago and it seems that this (only functioning) fork is now being shelved as well.

    Regarding the current state of the plugin, I can say it works on 1.13. The problem is upgrading using your old database from LWC 1.9.4 or 2.0.0 - the latest LWC versions have problems reading it correctly. After what happened today I decided I will not wait for the LWC update, but rather try to update my database manually. I made some progress today, but there are still some errors. When I find a way to update the DB, I will post the instructions here. I am not a programmer, have zero Java knowledge, but I should be able to do some simple sql stuff. Wish me luck :)
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  19. Dear @Me_Goes_RAWR,

    Today I woke up finding out about this project being too stressful and too much for you right now. I am sorry to hear that. You've done an amazing job helping our 1.8 community convert to 1.10, 1.11, and now 1.12.2. This is The protection plugin we use in our network of 50+ servers when it comes to survival. Many of our servers don't use Land, Residence, Towny, or chunk/plot protections, we let people build and lock their stuff with LWC. In case of grief we just roll back build damage. It's a huge bummer for you and us that we will have to figure out an alternative after the original author abandoned the project and now you. But I respect the decision. Real life is more important. Mental health is important. Stress isn't worth it. I just wanted to reach out and say that I honestly really appreciate everybody involved in this project to make something awesome that helped us play Minecraft for many years. LWC isn't "just another plugin", it's part of our core package and hooked into our templates/ system for any server we start up. The hard work is respected, valued and appreciated.

    Thank you and best of luck with everything, hey remember.. you're always welcome in this community as far as I am concerned. Don't feel shy doing this project again or something else that makes you happy. I'd love to say hi to you once in a while. And feel free to reach out.

    Kind regards,

    Floris & Zom* and Peng*
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