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  1. Hello! How do you think it difficult to create website design which will meet all modern trends and requirements? Or I need to hire someone?
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  2. I think I can help you with that, if you want you can add me on discord to discuss what you really want Empitech#9484
  3. Strahan


    Why bother? Be different, don't aim to be modern like everyone else. Be brave, like this company I found:

    A friend had a problem with EZ contractor forms software so I was Googling to find tech support. Found this site. Feels like stepping back into the mid 90s, lol. Turns out it's the wrong company, wasn't who I needed but man.. the tech support guy is a real asshole:
    Good morning. I have a friend who uses your contractor forms product. I built him a new PC and installed the software. He asked me how to migrate his customer data from the old machine to the new. I dumped the contents of the program folder in the Program Files (x86) folder, but that had no effect. I checked the %appdata% folder, I did not see a folder for your product. I checked the registry, migrated a few keys over that seemed related to your product but again, no effect.

    Can you please tell me how one migrates data from your program to a new install? Thanks!
    You did not reference a program serial number or support contract invoice number.

    Our records do not show the city as a licensee. (I was emailing from my work acct)

    Perhaps it is not one of our products, or it is an unlicensed installation.
    Thanks for the reply. As I mentioned, it’s not for my use, it’s a friend. I installed it from retail boxed media, so it’s definitely legit. I’ll get him to send me his license number and send that over. Thanks!
    We have NEVER had "retail box" media.

    We offer support for only direct purchased products that have a current support contract in effect.
    That’s odd; the box he gave me was a standard DVD sized box with label and all. Interesting. I seriously doubt he has a support contract. I checked your website, I see you sell support for $49 for a ticket; would that cover this question or would he need to purchase some other support option? I’d honestly have hoped such a simple question would just be a gratis answer, but it’s all good. Thanks.
    No. Without a valid serial number, current version (may require a fee) and current contract we cannot offer support.

    You are using government email and resources for personal purposes. So it is odd that you expect us to take care of your "friend".

    Please do not contact us again. If you do, We will send this email chain to your superiors.
    We’re free to use our email for whatever purposes we deem fit, feel free to contact whomever you desire. Not sure why you are so hostile; I was simply inquiring about support. My contractor friend is not technically savvy, which is why he turns to me for this type of thing. The emphasis you put on “friend” makes me think you assume I’m making this up, and I have no idea why you think I’d do that. I’d have been happy to purchase support to find the answer I needed.

    As it happens, I found the reason for the confusion. I dropped by his place and his wife gave me the box and the card inside references support at a custom domain, not a gmail account. I found your page by Googling “ez forms contractor” but apparently there is another company making a contractors forms product with EZ in their name.

    So I apologize for the confusion and would also suggest that maybe in the future consider being a little more diplomatic.
    You made the mistake and decided not to believe us.

    No apology offered.

    Your email has been added to our spam folder.
    It doesn't surprise me that someone who is such a prick can't web design their way out of a wet paper sack heh. Hilarious part is, the ownership of the product is for sale. For half a million, you can have the software and it even includes that snaaaazy website rofl
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  4. I think it depends on what you're building, the complexity, and how much effort you're willing to put into it.

    Personally, I'm in the middle of rebuilding my own website. I already had a "basic" understanding of HTML, from 20 years ago. So then around the end of this past December, I watched a few courses on to pick up some of the newer techniques for HTML and CSS. Four months later, I'm certainly no expert, but I'm about two weeks away from deploying my new website. For what I'm building, the flexbox layout has done most of what I needed! :)

    That said, I will likely still seek help with the media queries for responsive scaling down to tablet and mobile sizes. I knew that would probably be the reality of the project before I started. So at least, this time around, I've kept all the CSS separate from the HTML! :D
  5. Be sure your "modern trends" web site has at least three popups and one autoplay video on every page. EDIT: Oh, and a 'cookies' prompt.
  6. Those are so annoying! It's like one day we're going to reach the point where websites include a disclaimer that they also utilize some of your CPU's resources and temporarily store data in your RAM.

    But, of course, the most current, hip trend is for websites to include a banner at the top about how the site is personally handling the Coronavirus situation!
  7. We need a ruling if that counts toward the three pop-up quota.
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  8. The modern trend websites are mainly focused on mobile responsiveness. You can easily achieve this through bootstrap a mobile responsive framework. Or simply get a hosting with softaculous and click on WordPress and from their select any modern website template for free :). But if you want to design then as I suggested before use bootstrap template.
  9. My friend, I can help you make a website.
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  10. Hire someone
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  11. Judging by your question I understand that you have no experience in developing sites. What do you want a website for?
    If it's for a hobby, then you can learn how to develop yourself. But if it's for business then without IT professionals I don't recommend developing
  12. If you have the monthly budget, you can always opt for a web builder such as Wix. With this though, there are of course limitations. However, I'd say Wix is likely one of the most customizable and feature-rich web builders to date.
  13. Keep at it! It took me about six months to rebuild my website using modern HTML and CSS, both of which I had to effectively learn from scratch.

    The lockdown situation gave me a little extra free time, and that turned out be a big help, for motivation too! :)