Modernish Dark Spigot Theme

Discussion in 'Community Feedback and Suggestions' started by PiggyPiglet, May 24, 2019.

  1. Can't recommend that extension, for the reason you've already provided, it's a trial. Look into dark reader, it's the exact same thing, but for free. I personally use it on any site that I haven't made a theme for. The main different between this theme, and dark reader though, is that this is actually a theme, whereas those extensions just change some of the colours. This isn't just a dark skin, it changes the site's aesthetic completely.

    Also, thanks everyone for the bug reports and suggestions. No eta, but I'll try get an update out eventually.
  2. Oh thanks for pointing Dark Reader out, looks pretty similar on spigotmc, but (completely) free.
    I will compare night eye and dark reader and maybe switch over to dark reader, if those 2 are similar on most sites :)
    But i tried a few extensions before (not dark reader tho) and they were not really the same, most look on few sites crap where night eye handles all "reasonable" well

    But have to agree your theme looks quiet nicer since the colors fits better, the extension are good for "quick & dirty" i guess :)
  3. Looks damn good.

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