modified attributes in server

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  1. Hi, I don't know here, you can answer a question I have

    I entered a server and saw that they have armor with custom attributes such as more hearts

    Then it occurred to me to create my server and I wanted to try that of the attributes everything is going well until I realized that when entering my server the attribute of more health is applied but with the hearts Empty and on the server I play that doesn't happen
    Is it some configuration or some plugin

    what I want is that when connecting to my server the life of my players is respected as it was at the time of disconnecting even if they have modified health attributes in items

    I hope you can And sorry for my
  2. Both. You can do this without a plugin or with. With a plugin it's easier. Such as using this one.

    But, if you prefer to do it without a plugin it could be something like this...
    /give @p diamond_axe{AttributeModifiers:[{Slot:"mainhand", AttributeName:"generic.attackDamage", Name:"generic.attackDamage", Amount:20, Operation:0}]} 1