Resource Modify an offline player's attributes easily

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  1. This is my first resource here on the forums and basically its really simple. You can do stuff such as modify a players inventory, enderchest, or even location.

    Its as simple as

    Code (Java):
    AdvancedOfflinePlayer aop = AdvancedOfflinePlayer.getAdvancedOfflinePlayer(Bukkit.getOfflinePlayer(uuid));

    PlayerInventory playerInventory = aop.getInventory();
    //EDIT Inventory
    This was tested on versions 1.8 and 1.10

    If you find any errors please post below


    ps im new to github
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  2. Interesting. But why bother making this a sub implementation to OfflinePlayer when all you want to achieve is editing a specific inventory?
    Why not just introduce something like "OfflineInventory" instead? Seems more straight forward to me :)
  3. Omnivion


    If you look at the code, it provides a way for you to modify other player attributes, like location or health.
  4. Just took a small peek - if that's so, then it makes sense I guess ^^
    He just wrote "inventory" in the title ... so he should change that to "attributes" then probably?
  5. Will do :)

    Also if anyone has any suggestions as to what i should also add feel free to state below
  6. Just as a heads up in your example, you made a small typo. Line 1, you have AdvancedOfllinePlayer, but this should obviously be AdvancedOfflinePlayer.
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