Spigot Modify Player Default [Modify default health, movementspeed, flyspeed etc.] [ENG] [TH] 1.3

Modify = Health,Movement speed,fly speed,etc. [TH][ENG]

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    EditPlayerBase [Edit default health, movementspeed, flyspeed etc.] - You can edit Default

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  2. The default fall distance is about 3.69, 3.7 tho, something close to that
  3. Thank you i will check again.
  4. Suggestion:

    Per world
    Per Region
    Anti Jump

    and on a server called vanitymc in there hub people can just like go up 1 blocks like its nothing 1.8+ also maybe a way to disable everyone's autojump?

    also jumping
  5. Thanks for idea. I'll try.
  6. Also disabling delay pulling out an item in hand its like a 1.10 feature I think same with disable second hand?
  7. What is your minecraft server version?
  8. right now 1.12.2