Modify ProxyPingEvent to change shown version

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  1. Hi there.
    I want to modify the ProxyPing that the bungee-proxy sends for the client's server list.
    How can I modify the whole ProxyPing that is sent on the ProxyPingEvent?
    Please note that I need to modify the WHOLE ProxyPing.

    And how exactly can I create a bungee plugin that is installed on the bungee-proxy?
  2. md_5

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    Use .setResponse or whatever the method is called.
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  3. PHP:
    public void ProxyPingEvent(ProxyPingEvent ev) {
    ServerPing r = ev.getResponse();
    Byte protocolVersion = Byte.valueOf(r.getProtocolVersion());
    String gameVersion = r.getGameVersion();
    String motd = r.getMotd();
    int currentPlayers = Integer.valueOf(r.getCurrentPlayers());
    int maxPlayers = Integer.valueOf(r.getMaxPlayers());
    ServerPing BF = new ServerPing(protocolVersion.byteValue(), gameVersion, motd, currentPlayers, maxPlayers);
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