Modifying packets.

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  1. So in many hacked clients there is the ability to "retard"..
    This involved messing with the players head. I've seen the ability to make the player's head go inside them so it is upside down.

    Is there a way of doing this with packets and how? :D
  2. On the server side you should be able to do this via the vanilla Minecraft code (more specifically the pitch value for an entity, in your case a player). You shouldn't need to mess with packets.
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    Eh, yeah, he wants the illusion that the players' head is spinning around. He does not want the players screen to move around. He definitely should and it is a good idea to "mess with" packets.
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  4. Anyone know what packet I should mess with?
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  5. Try out player position and look.
  6. Seen ;P