Modifying plugin, Referencing Other plugins command

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  1. I don't know if this is the right thread but i need help

    So let me start off with this, I have NO java experiance

    With that being said, The other day I bought a resource, DyanimiCombat, A dueling plugin
    It works pretty well, with some problems. I started up my server and immediatly found one problem, Its /party command conflicted with Mcmmo. I opened my dusty, unused Eclipse Neon, and opened up the Plugin.yml and added aliases to it. That was succesful but upon farther testing I found some more problems,

    1: When you login it replaces your inventory with 2 swords, Ranked And Unranked GUI openers, The problem being they replaces your inventory

    2: When selecting one of them, and clicking a gamemode, you enter a duel queue. This replaces your inventory again with a slimeball

    3: When you enter and leave the duel, your inventory isn't restored

    I wanted to solve this problem by
    1: Removing the swords from login, And binding a command to the guis instead, /dc Unranked or /dc Ranked
    2: I want it to teleport you to a queue room while waiting in the queue and save your inventory
    3: I want to add a save inventory plugin, problem is i dont know if i can reference commands in java
    4: Load inventory if Leave queue or Duel Ends

    Basically this is how i want it to start

    Login, Inventory not being replaced
    Player does command /dc Ranked
    Click a gamemode, Inventory saved and enter a queue
    Slimeball replaces inventory, if exit load saved inventory and delete the
    If not Teleport to queue room in other world, multiverse
    Duel starts, no work nessecary,
    Duel finished, both players inventory loaded

    I dont know if referencing another plugin in java is possable, this is a 1.8 plugin, If not do i have to add a inventory saving feature in the plugin, and how would i go about that

    This is a premium plugin, I dont think i can share files
    Any help would be appreciated