Modifyworld vs WorldGuard

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Which plugin do you recommend

  1. Modifyworld

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  2. WorldGuard

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  1. I'm not sure is this the section this should belong in but I couldn't really find a better place.

    So I'm currently making a new server and I was wondering the differences between WorldGuard and Modifyworld as they seem to have similar functions. Does anyone know their differences and if they are the same, which one do you recommend?

  2. Well, ModifyWorld hasn't really been updated... ever. ModifyWorld & WorldGuard are only similar in that they can prevent people from building, etc. But, WorldGuard has many more possibilities with its region management. I'd go with WorldGuard if I were you.
  3. I do see world guard having more tools and flexibility. Does anyone else have and opinions?
  4. Worldgaurd has extensions to bind them with the api
  5. Also world guards hooks into world edit and such so works guard would be best.
  6. Thanks for the response. I guess I know which plugin I should use.