Spigot ModularArmor 1.3.1

Create a new armor which can be modified with upgrades

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    ModularArmor - Create a new armor which can be modified with upgrades

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    Configuration Update

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  3. The plugin requires the ItemNBTApi + Vault ( + EconomyPlugin like Craftconomy).
    I'm currently working on making Vault optional and writing my own "NBTApi", so you dont have to install that much extra Plugins, but until then these Plugins are required.

  4. Very nice plugin, but I have some issues with it,
    for example the price for the posion resistance is 0$ but in my configuration I set it to Default 10000$
    or sometimes the Armor parts change their type (boots to leggings etc) when you upgrade too fast.
  5. First Thank you for trying my plugin.

    I tried it couple of times upgrading my armor as fast as possible and i dont make it to change the armor type. If possible a vid would be nice to see how this happens.

    With the price thing did you tried [/mau config] maybe there is a space too much or something like that because with default config and Vault 1.5.2 and it works fine for me.
  6. I used the standard configuration.

    I tested it again, when you have a modulated helmet and chestplate and upgraded the helmet, it could happen that if you double click the posion resistance upgrade, the chestplate next to the helmet will become a blank helmet.

    video here:
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  7. Well thanks for making the vid helped me a lot.
    I think i know how to fix the problem with the armor type.
    With the price problem - sorry i cant figure out why its not working for you. I created a complete fresh server and dowloaded the plugin directly from here but it works fine for me. I'm sorry but I cant fix a bug I cant see. I will take a look at the code until tomorrow and post a update (with the first problem fixed and second one maybe).

    Would be nice if someone else could confirm this price bug.