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  1. Hello, Can someone explain to me how Mojang blocks a server? what do they do on their end to stop someone from connecting to a private server, do they block the IP on their clients? and if so how?

    I just don't understand how its possible to block things on something as open as Minecraft. How about those offline servers, can they block them as well? because they aren't online/connected to Mojang servers in the first place. Do they just get off the hook?
  2. A list of blocked servers, when the unmodded Minecraft client goes to connect, it verifies that the server is not on the list and thus allows the connection.

    Offline servers are also blocked because it's a completely different scneario. If the server is offline the server itself no longer connects to Mojang servers to verify the connecting user is a real account, as opposed to this situation where the connecting user's client verifies the server is not on the block list, you could say it's the opposite way around.
  3. I know this isn't really answering to your thread, but I found this :
    And I wanted to share it with you! You can check if a server is blocked and there's a little (for the moment) list of servers.
    You can try joining them if you haven't seen blocked one already.
  4. what are those numbers on their list, because it sure isn't server IPs. so what is that that identifies every server, and isn't it possible to just change it by changing your jar file or something?

    if those servers start complying with eula, do they get removed?
  5. I'm not sure but I think.. because if you look at the right there are removed from the blacklist servers.
  6. They are SHA-1 hashes of the servers IP (I believe). No, you can't change the SHA-1 hash by just changing your JAR file as they actually are the IP of the server, the only way to bypass the list would be to change the actual IP of the server (or domain if it is being used instead) and even at this it is a silly idea since Mojang only have update the list and your server is blocked again.

    A member of the enforcement team said they would definitely look into it.
  7. They do this when you break their EULA. Like selling a diamond sword for 5 euro. You are making money of their work.
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  8. they include mcmmo points and special enchanted items. If u add plugins that add things that were never in Minecraft, and sell those things you will get banned. their EULA says anything that gives advantage to a player over another.
  9. Servers can get removed like