Mojang EULA Enforcement

Discussion in 'Drama' started by Vaquxine, Feb 24, 2016.

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  1. Then they just sue your legal guardian
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  2. We can go to court; but what must they say?

    You edited a .txt file and now you are in prison for 5 years?

    They didn't give permission either.
    No one did.
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  3. your guardian would be taken to court then lol
  4. Even if I don't get permission off my parents? As @BananaCNetwork said
  5. As I said, I wouldn't feel any kind of "gratification" if sympathetic, small to medium sized servers lost their financial base. I just don't like the idea to misuse Minecraft servers for making profit. The way some communities are devided into premium and free users while all of them paid for the game is, in my opinion, not desirable.

    This does not mean that your responsibility disappears. It just "moves" to your parents who have to take care that you don't do illegal things like that. Besides that, you're at least partially legally responsible for what you do as of the age of 14, where I live (Germany). I guess there are similar laws in your country.
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  6. See you guys all in court!
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  7. Then you shouldn't have bought the game.
  8. They'll probably say you made financial gain out of their intellectual property...
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  9. You can't sue anyone under the age of 14 in the UK. Anyone above 13, go ahead.
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  10. Oh dear, all of our "1/250 players online" servers are going to get violated! lol
    Since I've launched, I've handed out about $50 worth of free coupons (from loot crates) but I've only got like a $5 donation. When mojang take me to court I'll just give them all crate keys.

    EDIT: I just gave away another $50 coupon from a crate as I was literally screenshotting this...[​IMG]
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  11. Mainly down to opinion, I believe if anything they will target those big money makers before targeting those small servers, the money I make is pocket change to Microsoft...
  12. Don't forget Mojang is a commercial company. They sue those people only whom can compensate enough money for Mojang to profit.
    Imaging if my server did not follow EULA, the estimated money Mojang can get for suing me is $1000. But the court fees, lawyer fees, legal team fees etc. would be estimated around $2000. Mojang won't sue me unless they are stupid or extremely bored.
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  13. you on crack 13 lol you cannot get sued unless you're 18 if your under the age of 18 then a parent/guardian would be sued
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  14. Mikgreg


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    Hosting is expensive and hardly anyone does pay-2-win anymore. If it bothers the players they can leave. NO ONE is forcing them to be on.

    So, Obviously they don't mind pay-2-win.

    Taking down servers for collecting some money to pay for it and make it worth even doing...nothing wrong with it.
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  17. All these people saying that these smaller servers won't be impacted, I'm sure they will. After doing a bit of my own investigation & snooping around on Mojang staff Twitters I found this link:
    (Pretty sure this page was made a while ago, but someone on the Brand Enforcement team tweeted it out)

    Anyone can go and report your server. They can then go and find out that your server isn't following the EULA. It probably takes 20 minutes to flag a server for not complying to the EULA.
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  18. DMCA is a law in United States but what if my server doesn't operate there?
  19. Still are other copyright laws available probably
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