Mojang EULA Enforcement

Discussion in 'Drama' started by Vaquxine, Feb 24, 2016.

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  1. Maximvdw


    DMCA is a US law but respected by a lot of countries.
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  2. Wait what? There are other countries besides 'murica? =0 *mind blown*
  3. Well, fuck.

    I expect that a lot of smaller servers will close if Mojang starts sending emails to smaller servers, because, let's face it, cosmetic thingies doesn't sell like something that gives a item.

    They should only go after servers that are selling products for like 300$+, going for servers that sells products for 3$ to just barely stay alive is just silly and stupid in my opinion.
  4. not DMCA requests.. just "please change this" mails.
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  5. Wont be long before people find a new game to sell perks on... Mojang are destroying the "Multiplayer" aspect of the game...
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  6. They appear to be going after pay2win and servers with scummy practices from what I've seen (think servers with several hundred dollar ranks)
  7. I don`t see the logic....

    Microsoft / Mojang is pay2win

    But we server owners may not do pay2win

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  8. [​IMG]

    Joking aside. Some of these large networks do this as a full time job, have paid staff, lease servers, pay for expensive advertising, etc. Obviously, it's not smart to base your full time job on what is illegal, as defined in the original EULA, but it's been such a grey area for so long. Guess it's time to comply or find a new job.
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  9. The logic is everyone here agreed not to monetize their game. But then everyone did anyhow. You cannot get angry at Microsoft for enforcing their licensing agreements (I mean, you can, but it is stupid) since you agreed to them when you bought the game, and you agree to them every time you start a server.
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  10. rip block game serbers
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  11. Config


    block game drama
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  12. probably gonna be on dramaalert later ;p
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  13. Good move. Financial greed has been poisoning the community since a while now. Hopefully people will soon care less about extracting as much money as possible, and start caring about something that should have always been a wonderful hobby. The number of shitty servers who shamelessly coerce players to "donate" and create a VIP non-VIP class system to shame people into spending is ridiculous.

    I also hope they wake up and start taking down the websites that brazenly distribute the *cough* special *cough* clients.
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  14. True, For me for example i balance it out so perks can be gotten from crates, while not all of these are unlocked ingame i have been trying to slowly balance it out. I recently allowed players to gain all custom enchants over time by the ingame rank they are. I do think though that servers need cash towards server payments + upgrades. Most Owners i see use OVH and they sure are not cheap :p
  15. Take a look into pika-craft/pika-network they have over 15 nodes at ovh and i have to tell some people... they have a large bill for all those servers...
  16. I believe everyone here who against this move do not own a shitty server...
    And for financial greed, they must have done this so they *cough* can sell *cough* more Re*cough*...
  17. Although slightly more obscure, I assume premium plugin sellers are also at risk of getting this DMCA email

    Edit: fixed typo
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  18. Thing is i do not give a shit about making profit, I only care about paying for the bill really..

    Which most of us here prob think the same..
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  19. They shouldn't, unless they're re-releasing Mojang's code. Spigot/Bukkit plugins interface with an api that Mojang has no control over.
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  20. I have to say....

    I had to pay over €1200 to get only my dedicated server and I won`t even talk about the bills of the domain,ssl,power,internet,rental of VPS/proxy,replacement of hardware which I to gain profit because I`ve invested loads of money/time and I want to gain something in return hopefully soon with my network.....
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