Mojang EULA Enforcement

Discussion in 'Drama' started by Vaquxine, Feb 24, 2016.

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  1. Holy shit, since when did you post on here o_O
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  2. Serayne92


    I got the email, I'm assuming a lot of people will start getting them soon. I've wanted to switch to EULA Compliance for awhile, I don't want to risk losing everything I've built over some silly p2w shit. It's just as easy to make money without it as it is with it. Just more work, whatever, lol.

    I encourage everybody to make the switch as well!
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  3. How are you going to pay? Are you going to allow people to donate if they want to help the server and get absolutely nothing in return?

    On another note. What would happen if you offer to sell "VIP" but you get nothing else other than a simple rank (prefix, nametag, etc.)?
  4. Cldfire

    Cldfire Retired Moderator

    Hypixel sure does it just fine (but that's mainly because they're massive).
  5. Noble Pro


    There's many ways for servers to make money that don't involve pay to win.
  6. jzbakos


    Has Mojang actually taken any legitimate action against any large servers (besides emails)?
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  7. Hypixel breach the EULA. Server-wide booster tips are a generation of an in-game currency for a specific player through a purchase made with real-world money.
  8. Cldfire

    Cldfire Retired Moderator

    It's a server-wide benefit, and it does not necessarily make coins for the user. You're not directly purchasing coins in any way.

    Not yet as far as I know.
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  9. TitanicFreak


    We'll be joining you as well, we've just announced our intentions to change to be EULA compliant.
  10. It blatantly defies rules within the EULA, so it isn't much of a loophole, it's just a form of deception.
  11. Welp, RIP Pay2Win. Honestly I've been waiting for them to take some action upon their new EULA for a while now. Things like pay to win (almost) completely ruined the multiplayer aspect for me. While I understand it's quite useful to servers to get funded this way, It's just not the right way to go about monetizing servers. I'm sure theres many other ways they can get their funds.
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  12. Rbt


    In my opinion, what Mojang fails to realize is the fact that it is the consumer who decides on where their money goes. If there's 1k ranks and people buy it, it's their faults, not Mojang's. If a child is sneaking a credit card or something like that, Mojang is not responsible for these actions. It is usually the parents fault for bad parenting or not teaching their kid about stealing.
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  13. jzbakos


    I partly agree with you, and I partly don't. This is my view on it:

    I completely disagree with the servers that are extremely pay-to-win. In my eyes, an extreme case of this is if a server offers perks/ranks that can not be obtained in game, as a regular player. Many servers currently do this, and that's quite frustrating. However, many servers are monetizing correctly (IMO), even though they are not EULA compliant. I believe that a server should not offer anything in the store that cannot be obtained fairly in the game environment.

    In the end, I think that Mojang is bluffing. Of course, there is no way to test this, unless a server defies the warning Mojang has given them. I can't see Mojang taking any legitimate legal action simply because the cost to take legal action will be higher than the reward of the lawsuit (in most cases).
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  14. Do you guys really think minecraft cares about the 69 people who are payin rent with their minecraft server? Nope. The 8 emails they have gotten from angry parents of kids who stole their credit cards to buy extra cobblestone on the internet were more of a hassle. I have an idea to solve the situation. Someone make a petition (Because it hasn't been done before) protesting the situation!
  15. You are sure? That's great! Mind sharing some of those ideas with us?
  16. Well, theres always room for improvement in just about everything. If I remember correctly the EULA is a bit tough to get around for things that are considered by many to be a correct form of monetization.

    I'm absolutely sure, because Minecraft is so vast, however as I said above, it can be a bit tricky. I'd have to give it a re-read before I come up with something though :)
  17. Schaumnificent


    > Buying cobblestone with money
    Lol what the fuck, but anyway I think I saw a petition earlier in the thread. It didn't have many signatures and I doubt any petition would change their minds.
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  18. No need, I can fill you in... it has to be something worth donating or buying if you want and it should have absolutely no effect on gameplay, unless everyone is affected.
  19. It's called a business for a reason. You don't crack down on someone because they're making too much money... (Assuming they aren't breaking a law).
  20. Wait, I've got some ideas already...
    - sell bans, yes players can pay to ban others
    - sell unbans, good for business, hint: combined with anticheat that has autobans and you should ban active players too while you're at it
    - it looks like chat delay is acceptable according to some huge servers out there.
    - garbage cosmetics no one wants, everyone will be bloated as ... never mind.

    and then there are some servers that would give free monthly credits but only to the players with paid rank, can't really imagine how that can be acceptable according to EULA, I guess life is full of surprises, ya?

    Also at the end I'm sure that all non-donors must see ads every 10 seconds, gotta squeeze something out of them, right? Maybe even serve them adfly URLs?

    At the moment I can predict that there will be more and more garbage servers in the future. Garbage is fun!

    There you go, monetization by EULA.
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