Mojang Rate limits my joins [450 players per 5 seconds]

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  1. Hey,

    Anytime I restart my server, about 450 people flood connect to join the server and mojang always closes all existing connections to my server and replies with this error.

    It's really annoying b/c I cannot open my server without manually rate limiting my server on a DNS level.

    Any solutions? I cannot help the insane rate limit...

    Here is the error:

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  2. please help, this is an on going issue and i can't bring my server up cause of this...
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    Did you try flushing your servers dns cache? Are you using BIND?
    Seems like the ip of one of mojangs auth servers has changed and your dns software is trying to access this old server ip.
  4. you could use bungee, when you are about to restart a server, use the send command to move them to another server, that way you dont have to use mojang servers for authentication, as they never left your server
  5. They blocked your IP for 10 minutes due 600 requests limit
  6. Check with your provider... They don't really like it when 450 people are joining at the same time ;) And furthermore, I think there is a plugin that blocks this?