Mojang skin server blacklist?

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  1. Hey there,

    Quite some time ago, my server stopped being able to receive skins via Mojang's API. This meant that things like my server's citizens NPCs, mythicmobs disguised mobs, and regular player skulls stopped having skins. Player skins still work because those are client-side.

    I have very little info on how mojang chooses to blacklist skins from a server, the only thing I know is that it recently limited its skin requests to once every half second. There is nothing on google about how to get off the blacklist. From what little research I've done, it appears servers are eventually taken off the blacklist so long as they do not violate the request limit. However, it's been almost 6 months now, so there is surely something still requesting skins and forcing us over the request limit. We've disabled all skin requests from citizens and mythicmobs, and we don't know where the remaining requests are coming from. We can only assume it's coming from player skulls that have yet to be skinned, but there is no way for us to actually test it.

    Is there a way to stop all contact with mojang API? As in, some sort of plugin that force quits all mojang requests somehow? Alternatively, is there a way to keep skulls from requesting skins from the official mojang server?

    Also, if anyone has more info about the supposed skin blacklist, please do let me know of anything you've heard that can fix it! Thank you!

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  2. Quite an interesting predicament!
  3. Is your server at a shared hosting company? If so, there will be other servers that count towards the rate limit.
  4. Like @Darthmineboy said, if you're on shared hosting perhaps you could purchase a dedicated IP. Or if you're on dedicated hosting just purchase an additional failover IP to use.
  5. We already have a dedicated IP. We can purchase a failover IP, but how do we forward failed skin requests over to the second IP? Would it require additional work like a specialized plugin? Thank you for the responses so far!
  6. You're on dedicated then? You could just purchase a failover IP and run the server from the new IP. Update your DNS records to point to the new IP. That could take up to 48 to fully propagate, so meanwhile you could just redirect all traffic on the old IP to the new IP with iptables.
    A post on server fault explains it well, should be quick and easy to get going.

    Even easier, if you're on bungee you could just keep the same public IP and just change the IP of the game server.
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