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  1. Well i have a question about the UUID rate limit
    Its 600 request per 10 min And looks like i have started reached that limit

    How does the rate limit work?
    600 request per server?
    600 request per dedicated (whole machine)
    600 request per ip? without port?

    I running a network and currently everythings running on a very good dedicated and everythings run fine
    Well all servers running on same ip with different port, So thats why i wondering will it help to have multiple ips?
    I have 5 ips on that dedicated self i only use 1 xD

    If not i need to find out a better may to solve it like try to cache more or maybe splits the dedicated
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    Why are you making so many calls?
  3. yes.

    Code (Text):
    and maybe raise your
    Code (Text):
    so your system isn't making so many requests
  4. Im not sure, Much be a plugin or somethings who ask alot idk

    Anyways i running PlayerServers on same machine so players can create thems own server
    so its 18 player servers online at same time + my servers
    and a playerbase on 50-60 online

    Want to get all my plugins custom so i know how them work :p and do its 100% how i want it
  5. Yea it was a premium plugin and got inactive then deleted, Anyways i have a fully recoded playerservers plugin now :p Will be released on my server next week so hopefully it will help with the rate limit
  6. WAS


    Literally just saw that plugin uploaded this week? How was it old and inactive?
  7. The PlayerServers plugin was from Absentee23 but him have been inactive for soon a year now
    And PlayerServers plugin was may created for 2 years ago? the playerservers plugin got deleted for over a half year ago now

    Well its very many who have it
  8. WAS


    Oh weird. I literally just saw one posted with only a few downloads, and even joined his test server.
  9. Well that PlayerServers from Absentee23 no longer working with latest 1.10 and 1.11
    So my network running latest working bungee build for 1.9 then useing ViaVersion

    But finally i get rid of that problem now since i now have a custom plugin that will be released on my network next week :p
    My new PlayerServers plugin got finish yesterday so its just alot of testing self it looks like everythings work :D

    Anyways goes to sleep now