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Discussion in 'Drama' started by Necati123, Nov 4, 2016.

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  1. Has mojang stopped enforcing their eula? Seems to me like they have but I just wanted to be sure.
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  2. Interesting, it actually seems like they kinda have been. :eek:
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  3. What? blacklisting servers? :p
  4. Yeah - with all the trolls making funny domain names and then them getting blocked, plus it seems a lot of big servers just don't care, or go EULA compliant. The Minecraft community has seemed to slowly die down :/
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  5. Die down?... Well do you think Minecraft will still be as popular in 2017? xD
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  6. Also, as you said most popular servers don't care, do you mean they just keep running their server and let users just use SquidHQ?
  7. Yeah- it's slowly becoming more.. I guess- of young ages? Along with that, a lot of older players & people of the community are leaving.
    A lot of servers are using SquidHQ or simply comply or find sneaky ways to not comply, in the end, it doesn't really matter that much.

    Keep in mind this thread is on Mojang's EULA, not the Minecraft community. Sorry for bringing it up in the first place.
  8. I feel as if Minecraft is slowly starting to die down as well. People are just getting tired of the game and are moving on, but there will always be little kids with mommies credit card.
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  9. Haha, yep :/ hard to tell if marketing and making money of Minecraft will get better or worse.
  10. I wish I had my moms credit card XD lol. But, even though older players are leaving, there are always young ones to come :D!
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  11. That's a very good question. That's a main reason why I stopped hosting servers due to this reason because it's very hard to get a great community going with a great amount of income to be worth your time to continue.

    However, that's why I started to be a System Admin or Developer for servers and not due a lot of the work as Owner would do.
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  12. Really? Is this a bad time to start a server?
  13. It's a fine time to start a server, before the community dies completely. Mojang is enforcing their EULA but currently only to selective servers (the large ones). There are thousands of servers with 100-1000 active players that don't receiveany grief from Mojang about the EULA.
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  14. I thought they werent enforcing the eula? Look at cosmic pvp
  15. I'm not sure what their target policy is, but they are enforcing it selectively.

    So if you happen to become the next Mineplex and don't follow the EULA, expect something. If not, hurry before it dies.
    (this could change of course. Mojang could begin blacklisting smaller servers tomorrow, no one knows for sure)
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  16. Cosmic pvp is a big server (Unbelievabley p2w server) with about an average of 4k players. Either they arent enforcing the eula or they're paying mojang. And my server won't become the next mineplex anytime soon. I've never owned a server before so this will be new to me. Although I think I can make if grow fast I think it will be almost impossible to pass 1000 players without a youtuber ( I don't want the server to be reliant on a youtuber.)
  17. You seem to just want a groovy server with a nice player base, nothing crazy. You'll be fine. As for cosmic pvp, either option sounds about right. Mojang has blacklisted around 50 servers so far, most were removed after finally complying with the EULA. I can't keep up with the Minecraft server trends anymore, but if cosmic pvp is that large and not being touched, there must be a good reason.
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  18. Actually I do want a huge successfull server, but that doesn't seem to be possible for me to make. I don't want to higher a youtuber because he can leave any time to make his own server and cripple my server. Who knows maybe I'll become a big youtuber one day but for now its unrealistic.
  19. Yeah. They're technically not EULA compliant (in my opinion) but they've kept in good touch with Mojang's Brand Enforcement (source: their forum EULA posts) and I think as probably the biggest Factions server they can get away with things, like Hypixel and Mineplex
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