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  1. Hello "Spigot Masters".
    Fisrt I wan't to say, I'm from Bulgaria and I don't speak English verry good, sorry for that!

    I need the plugin "Money Chat & Chat Money" when any player send a message on global chat the plugin take automaticly money for this message.
    Please, I wan't and config to change how money cost this option.

    Thanks guys! And again .. sorry for bad English.
  2. I dont know a Plugin with this function but its very simple to code. If you cant find one you could pn me and we will see what I can do for you
  3. Thanks for fast reply!
    I don't have many friends why play Minecraft and i can't find human who code me plugin like this.
    How much money you want to code plugin like this?
  4. I could do it for free, although if you could something small like $5 or something would be appreciated
  5. I do it for free. Programming is for me like drawing its a tool which helps you to create what is in your mind. So I like programming a lot and I do the most stuff for free
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  6. Sorry for double post: I am programming this Plugin already for someone who want it too, so stay tuned it will be ready to download very soon. I will pm you with the link
  7. Thanks you so, so much!
  8. I've finished a plugin that does this, if anyone is interested in it send me a PM
  9. So yeah for everyone interested here it is :
    You can set the price, the prefix and the messages and you can use ActionbarAPI to show the User his current balance after each message he will send.