Money for killing a player.

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    Is there anyway I can change iConomy data to essentials data?
  2. Depending on how iConomy stores data, I could write a script that transfers it over. I'd charge some for it, though.
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    How much?
  4. $15-$30, I'm at the hospital at the moment with a weakened hand, would be a pain to write.
  5. Have you tried ?

    "yah I put a convert command in a while back. It check if you have 2 economy plugins, and if so attempts to get all balances from one and dump them in the other. It *should* work as there's no real code in it that would make it break per-se, but given iconomy's instability I can't gaurantee it'll work 100%. It may lock your server up for a considerable amount of time while it's converting if you have a good deal of data, and of course, if you're using flat-file storage lots of HD IO will happen.

    The syntax should be: /vault-convert [econfrom] [econto]

    so for ico6 to bose you would do:/vault-convert iconomy6 boseconomy

    The process will grab ALL offlineplayer objects loop through the list, and dump data from one to the other. So it will require you to have current save data for the player, and for that save-data to be accurate (see name)

    ALSO: This process will NEVER overwrite existing data in the economy plugin you are converting to. That means you should NEVER ALLOW PLAYERS TO CONNECT when you are going to convert, as for a lot of economy plugins, simply connecting will create a player account in the economy plugin.

    It also means if the conversion fails or you stop it for some reason, you can re-start it and it will skip over any records it has already processed (though it probably wont save much time)."

    Following that logic, it would be "/vault-convert iconomy6 EssentialsEcon " be sure to make backups before doing this incase things decide to break.
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  6. If I'm correct, "converting" to essentials econ data shouldn't actually require any conversion... I'm pretty sure that essentials econ just hooks into whatever economy plugin you're running if you have vault... I could be wrong, but using essentials' /bal on my players has always showed the right amount of money both when I had iConomy and now, using craftconomy. So you could just uninstall iconomy and be perfectly fine.

    Or you could try what @Thunder_Remix said :p