Solved Money loss glitch

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  1. Hello! My server is currently in the process of being made, I need help with one thing though, in which every time you right click, $3,000,000 is removed from your balance, if you can help, thank will be amazing :) the file is every plugin in which I have added on.

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  2. do you want it when you right click on a block or just right click in general ?
  3. Check through each and every config file and see if there is anything interfering with Essentials (or whatever economy plugin you use.) If that doesn't solve the problem, either look for known glitches of this sort and/or report the bug to the dev(s).

    Server looks pretty good so far. Good luck with it xD
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  4. Hey Snailz, I don't want it to occur, it happens every time I do it, but don't worry, I got it covered now :)
  5. Oh lol. :p