1.12.2 MongoDB Logging

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  1. Hello, so Im trying to disable the MongoDB logging and I have tired quite a number of resources from google "how to disable mongodb logging" and nothing I try has been working for me. I have tried almost everything that the first page of google shows up and Im stuck for ideas.

    Does anyone know anything else that I would be able to try?

    The logs that I am referring to are the ones similar to this:
    [cluster-ClusterId{value='5e2276bdf81b072e6bd824eb', description='null'}-srv-dprison-zbuqe.mongodb.net/INFO]: [org.mongodb.driver.cluster] Adding discovered server dprison-shard-00-01-zbuqe.mongodb.net:27017 to client view of cluster
  2. Have you tried this?

    Code (Text):
    Logger mongoLogger = Logger.getLogger( "org.mongodb.driver.cluster" );
    The logging class is java.util.logging.Logger;
  3. Yes I have. Its the most common suggestion when I google how to disable it.
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  4. Weird if it doesn't work for you I have something similar to what was suggested and it worked in disabling everything mongo related the only difference is it didn't include the cluster part in the input on what to disable.
  5. Yeah, thats why I came here to ask, cos Ive tried a lot of different things that were posted on stackoverflow and I cant manage to get anything to work. Was hoping someone had tried something else that I could try. Would be good to get them turned off cos they are starting to get really annoying trying to work out those logs.
  6. Same thing happens to me. No matter what variations of solutions I try, It keeps outputting messages to the sever console.
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