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  1. Hello everyone.

    I know some people asked this earlier but not really for bungee as far as i know.
    I try to log my server settings like: TPS,Ping,Players,threads,Mem usage, reaction time etc.

    There is a plugin i really like called React but bungee isn't working on desktop only in game and it's not "Advanced".

    I'm a server with 400 people and like to see what is going on on my server that when there are issues i can repair it asap.

    I got full access to the servers by the way so everything is possible.
    Someone of you with a golden tip?
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  2. If you have essentials installed correctly you can do /gc
  3. That is not where i'm searching for i'm searching for graphics and everything i don't gonna switch between servers every 5 sec to check if everything is fine.
  4. Set up a Website and code PhP Pages to provide all that Information. With your resources, that seems possible.
  5. 4chan


    > Website
    > PhP
    > Information

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