Monsters not despawning

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  1. Hi,

    I am using 1.8_R1 spigot and I noticed my monsters not despawning.
    I deleted all my plugins but they still do not despawn. I did mess around with the spawn rate of monsters and tripled their amount however this should have nothing to do with them not despawning.

    I found a zombie with full armor on and wrote down the coords then flew far away and waited a few minutes till it got day and when I went back the zombie was still there but now burning because it was day.
    This happens a lot more when my players are exploring and they suddenly find lots of monsters on fire because they didn't despawn.

    I need a fix asap, if anyone knows what is going on or has a solution please tell me since this is gamebreaking for my server. All the monsters are just in caves and won't despawn causing no monsters to spawn anywhere.

    I will not update, I need to use 1.8_R1 for a lot of my plugins so I want to know what is wrong, maybe a config error, maybe I changed some wrong stuff in the bukkit.yml or spigot.yml or maybe this was just an error in 1.8_R1 and is fixed in other version?

    I just need information and a solution would be even better. Thanks for reading I hope someone can help me out.
  2. - What plugins do you have?
    - What can probably cause this?
    - Do you have any custom plugins?
    Yes = Which ones?
    No = Skip this question
    - Check /gamerule. Maybe there's something that went wrong.
  3. Ok like I said, this happens on my server with and without plugins.

    I have no clue what can cause this, was hoping it had something to do with spigot 1.8_R1 and that somebody has a fix or solution.

    Custom plugins: Yes a lot can't name them all since I am using 57 plugins on my server but like I said even if I delete all plugins and just make a server then the monsters still do not despawn.

    Not sure what you mean with /gamerule, there is nothing about monsters despawning. I can name all the gamerules but they sure don't have anything to do with monsters not despawning.

    I could be more precise and it seems as if all entities are being safed per chunk and so the monsters too are being saved and will be loaded when the chunk is loaded.
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  4. Again, that has nothing to do with despawning. This plugin limits the amount of monsters per chunks but I already have monsters on those chunks and they don't despawn. This plugin might limit the amount of monsters on those chunks but it will not despawn them !
    Also I am not sure what you are doing because that plugin is outdated: Nov 30, 2014.

    I am requesting help on the actualy spigot release and I want to know whether it's a problem there or not. If there is a plugin to fix the despawning then it's perfect but atm you are just going through a list of plugins with the name "monsterspawn" in them and linking them to me.
    Thanks for trying to help but rather than linking plugins I need help on why the monsters aren't despawning.
  5. The plugin still works I use it on my network.
    You could try
    Name the mobs using a name tag. Lol
  6. Dude stop, you are now starting to annoy me. Did you even read my first post.
    My monsters aren't despawning and I need them to despawn like normal minecraft.
    You just told me to name them with name tags? Please stop.
  7. Still need help, they still won't despawn.