Spigot Moon Generator 2 1.16.4

Go to the Moon in Minecraft!

  1. Moon mechanics will be another plugin that reimplements the mechanics that were removed from moon generator, so yes that might take a while to be done and released..

    Of course I don't lol, you should try it tho, it looks awesome
  2. Will you update to 1.15?
  3. Uploading 1.15.2 update rn <3
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  4. Love this plugin, but do have a few issues. When generating the moon, it seems to stop generating after a time and reverts to generating normal overworld chunks after a small distance. I don't know if this is an issue with this plugin or with multiverse (which I'm using to manage it). Either, way great plugin and if you have any advice, I'd love to hear if you know anything about it!
    Also I am using the latest version of Paper (1.15.2) for my server.

    EDIT: For those having the same problem with it, or if it starts generating normal chunks after a server restart, I found a fix that worked for me! Simply place this in your bukkit.yml file and make sure when you run the command with multiverse to create the world, you put Moon (with a capital M) as the world name!

    Command to create world: /mv create Moon normal -g MoonGenerator

    In bukkit.yml
    Code (Text):
        generator: MoonGenerator
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  5. Hey I know you have a config as a WIP

    but is there any easy way to have it generate with only gravel and not the powder? Thank you :3
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  6. I just came across your plugin since I am, looking for a moon world gen and was wondering if you were going to update to 1.17.1? Thanks :)
  7. Any chance of a 1.17 update before 1.18 drops
  8. Does this plugin support 1.17?