Spigot MoonFFA 1.1

Simple plugin for FFA servers

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    MoonFFA - Simple plugin for FFA servers

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  2. Can you add a Statssystem and Mapchange?
  3. What do you think on that "mapchange" ? And stats will be in some of next updates..
  4. Is this plugin going to be up to date with Minecraft 1.10? Also a map changing system would be cool to see as well. I think he means after a player gets to a set score of kills or after a timer runs down it changes the games map to another map. Can't wait to see what you'll have here!
  5. It will be updated! You think something about battlegrounds on MCGamer?
  6. I'm not entirely sure how that works, but I think you could figure that out. Can't wait to see where this goes and once you get it to a stage I could make a tutorial on it if you want!
  7. You should wait a little bit, just to add something more to plugin for tutorial! :D
  8. Well obviously haha, but once there is a need I will go ahead and make one for you! :D
  9. Thanks! :D In update 2.0 will be better to record.. :p