More cores or higher ghz for cpu

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  1. I'm Planning on building a server pc to start hosting servers out for people and i was wondering what would be better to have more cores or more ghz cpus saying i'm hosting 20-30 servers off this pc what would be the best to go with this
  2. both? Each server will basically only use one core. So higher Ghz is better for performance of individual servers. If you scale that out and run multiple servers then you'll want more cores so they don't fight for contention. With that many servers, though, you're probably better off with more cores and just limiting view distances and player caps.
  3. Ok so lets say i duel socket 2.3ghz with 12 cores each meaning i have 32 cores with 2.3ghz would that be enough for those servers ? ram wont be a issue even if they want 8-16 gigs
  4. That'll certainly run 20-30 servers at some level. There are so many factors with the plugins and number of players and configuration (view distance and all the spigot settings) that you'll have to test to find out what the sweet spot is for performance.
  5. Hmm Well i plan on putting Limits on each server i rent out to the public so they will not effect other renter's servers just trying to figure out whats the best to go with right now
  6. What is the 12 core processor you're going to use?
  7. Have you thought this through? If you're asking whether to get more cores or higher clock speeds, I don't think you have. Are you coloing your server, or just putting it in your house? What virtualization software will you be using?
  8. Soon i'm going to be getting a large promotion and i'm going to be using Windows 2012 and hire some programmers to set up the payment system server system limiters ect i will be building with AMD due to i get a discount with all AMD Products due to i have a job at one of their places I still have not fully looked into the mobo/cpu yet but i have *A TON* of ram cards and other parts in my work room at my house due to we get alot of spare parts i'm planning on getting a server mobo that can take 128gigs to 256gigs of ram i currently have 14 18 gig of ram cards to be putting into the machine right now and a 120 ssd with half gig write and read this project i plan on getting set up around January that will be the deadline to getting everything set up and running smoothly and i will be hosting this at my house with fiber optic 1gbps line to start with and if over time if needed i will make it higher i'm thinking this will cost 5-10 grand to put into this project but money will not be a issue
  9. But for right now before i start getting parts and such i'm just my Research on everything to make sure it all goes thew smoothly
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    I wouldn't use a 2.3ghz, shire you could run a lot of servers, but at 2.3 your rather low per server.
    Id stay in the 3ghz range if it was my nodes.
  11. Yeah i recently noticed this also the only amd server core i could find is the AMD Opteron 6328 Abu Dhabi 3.2GHz 8MB L2 Cache 16MB L3 Cache Socket G34 115W 8-Core Server so not fully yet if i should go ahead and spend the extra money on intel or what
  12. Or if maybe i should build smaller 32 gig pc's like 4-5 of them and rent off a few servers on each one that way
  13. I would suggest using a 4 core processor as your computer. It may be less than the 8 core processors but the ghz speed is higher and A LOT cheaper. One of the e5's are 3.1-3.8ghz that are 8 cores and costs around 1900. You can get a E3 1245v2 for $250. You should buy 2 Pc's that are 4 cores than 1 Pc with 8 cores.
  14. That may be better, at least if one goes down the rest of your servers will be up.
  15. Well if i made smaller ones i would go with these two i would prob go with the 8 core one more than likely
    AMD FX-4350 Vishera 4.2GHz Socket AM3+ 125W Quad-Core Desktop Processor

    AMD FX-8350 Vishera 4.0GHz (4.2GHz Turbo) Socket AM3+ 125W Eight-Core Desktop Processor
  16. Those would not be really *Server pc's* but would work just as good
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    Id do the 3-4 smaller ones.
  18. Hmm k yeah cuz with one main one if lets say it errors out then i would not have a nother to run any the servers and have to refund people so i'm going to be doing 3-4 smaller 32 gig ones unless i can find an amd mobo that allows 16 gig 1600 ECC ram cards
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    Don't put your eggs all in one basket. its far better if one node fails of 5 then all.