Spigot More Drops | 1.8-1.12 1.7

This plugin allows mobs to drop their head!

  1. Hello.

    You plugin have an plugin-breaking issue, it will drop dragon heads 2x instead just 1x

    And can you add an option to just disable all mob heads and only have player heads enabled.
  2. This seems like it could be one of the best plugins out there but honestly, man, you really need to get rid of that duplication bug this is the only reason I cannot use the plugin on my server.
    Are you even considering it? when will you try to fix it?
  3. Hello, so I'm using the 100% chance drop config file, but the mobs don't drop their heads 100% of the time, it's more like... 1%.. How can I fix this?
  4. enterih


    This plugin doesn't work for 1.13+
  5. Any luck with that head duplication upon taking a placed head? I'd love to use this plugin for my head economy as a newer one on Spigot won't work on my server. Hoping for an update... thanks for all the great work.