More lags with latest builds of spigot

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by siemaeniu500, Feb 3, 2013.

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  2. andrewkm

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    I have no "lags" using latest spigot.
    If you want absolutely any sort of help, you need to provide more information, far more. "I have more lags" will do nothing.
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  3. Absolution


    Have you updated/installed any plugins? Provide bukkit.yml and timings. What's your view distance?
  4. No i not updated/installed plugins:
    View distance: 5
  5. Absolution


    Hmm well you could try using view distance 4 or using the timings feature to identify possible lag causes on the server. Then posting here so it's easier to read
    You can also look around plugin config and try configuring to use less cpu :S
  6. How i can use that?
  7. Absolution


    Enable plugin-profiling in bukkit.yml and restart your server. Then use /timings restart when you have lag and wait some time then use /timings merged. A file will be created on the timings folder. Just copy the contents to and you'll get the report :)
  8. Agreed, using a build from beginning of january and is running perfectly. Tried two times to update and each time the server was lagging very badly and eventually crashed and locked up within the first 30mins. Used timings, and plugins were running smoothly. Here's an error from one crash:
  9. Yes, large decreased of CPU.

    Sometimes i want to use CraftBukkit, because in latest builds of spigot working similar to bukkit ( it means: no good)

    Sorry for my english.
  10. SuperSpyTX


    You have a bad plugin.
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  11. I went to 482 - TPS was miserable. Switched back to 463 and no problems. Have no idea way :eek:
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  12. Puremin0rez


    Try 483? Aikar did some nifty things with TPS - I've been much more stable TPS wise since the chance.
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  13. andrewkm

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    Build #484
    Running perfectly perfectly perfectly fine :)
    .......... You guys really need to start using the timings feature, and crack down on plugin issues, as well as monitor chunks loaded, entities, perhaps use visualvm, etc. This whole "build # is good, but build # is bad" does no one any good...


    The above is also no multiple server setup. Just one server nothing more.
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  14. andrewkm

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  15. Can u look at this?
  16. andrewkm

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    Just from skimming it quickly..
    If you don't use essentials move event disable it. If you don't use WG move event disable it.
    Your lagiest plugin is DtlCitizensTrader - really look into that - contact devs with those timings, etc. If you don't need it; dump it. Generally NCP should be the lagiest... yet that one is 4-5 times that of NCP from what I can see. Why?
    (2.79% 22.06% 2,074.204 s 11.0314 ms 188.03k InventoryClickEvent (and others))
  17. I must use this plugins: WorldGuard,Essentials,DrlCitizensTrader there are most importants plugin on my server.
    How i can disable esentials move event and WG?
    I will report to dev of DtlCitizensTrader.
    What i can do another?

    Sorry for english.