Spigot More Mobs | Largest Mobs Skript is back! Re-Coded 2.0.1b

Mobs with many customization options

  1. You can open zip without winrar or 7zip aswell so its just fine ^^
  2. I could make it for you
    Add me on skype: redstoneactive4
  3. RealmMianite updated More Mobs - New Mobs and now with GUI - [1.8 & 1.9] 1000+ downloads! with a new update entry:


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  4. Send me a link with your skript version then.
  5. Id need to know your server version before I can send you anything
  6. Spigot 1.10.2
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  7. Your HellHound had skeleton name and did not spawn angry towards players
    I edited the code:

    Code (Text):
    #Hell Hound
    on command "mob hhound":
        if player has permission "mob.admin":
            spawn a wolf
            set target of last spawned wolf to player
            set name of the last spawned wolf to "{@hellhoundname}"
            apply fire resistance 1 to the last spawned wolf for 9999 minutes
            ignite the last spawned wolf for 9999 minutes
            apply strength 7 to the last spawned wolf for 9999 minutes
            apply health boost 20 to the last spawned wolf for 9999 minutes
            heal the last spawned wolf
            send "{@logo} {@summonmsg} {@hellhoundname}" to player
            cancel event
  8. Oh thanks
    Ill fix it when i get off of the toilet xD
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  9. OMG , thank you i find this plugin long time ago
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  10. floory565


    Maybe include
    in the resource's title :)
  11. ...so no more custom mobs from you? thats a shame. i was still waiting
  12. Can anyone link me a working version of Umbaska because I cant find a working version.... My server is on 1.8.8
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  13. author you can create video help make this plugin with skript :D