More Nether in the Nether

Discussion in 'BungeeCord Discussion' started by nitinsalvi, Feb 11, 2020.

  1. This suggestion may be unpopular, but here goes;

    From what I've seen of the new update, it definitely feels like the old "Hell" biome (now called the Nether Wastes" has been almost totally extirpated in the new update so far. Now of course its just a snapshot and this may change, but I want to be sure that the Nether we all know doesn't change unrecognizably.

    Now, I know, the old nether biome isn't great, but that is sort of the point. It should be kind of consistent, and that consistency should lean in the direction of 'hell', whereas in the new snapshot it seems like some alien world with little bits of hell scattered here and there.
    • I don’t think this was meant to be posted in bungee cord discussion
    • I don’t know what you’re suggesting. Leaving aspects of the old nether in the new?