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  1. Hi,

    I'm looking for an option to run my network with more proxys. When youtubers are playing on my servers while streaming, the server most time crashes. My Rootserver has an Intel Xeon e5-1650 and 128GB Ram. But it seems thats not enough. 500 players in 20 seconds are too much, the server crashes. So I need an opportunity to use more proxys. I could do this:

    Main-Proxy > MainLobby > Connect to another Proxy called 'proxy2' > Connect to a gameserver on 'proxy2'

    But I have to put 'proxy2' into the config.yml of Main-Proxy. And so all players in the other proxys are at the same time in MainProxy. I really need help. Thanks for answers :)
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  3. Ty, but I'm german and I don't really unterstand round-robin dns :/
  4. Then don't try hosting a minecraft server if you can't even read the material that tells you how.

    Huehue seems i stepped on a landmine.
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    Well its easy. You have a domain not pointing to one IP.

    Round robin uses a Pool to cycle the IP behind a Domain. So example you hav 3 BungeeCords (, and and have one Domain (

    You have a DNS Setup like this: =>, or

    The DNS decides using the Round robin which IP to take (it just goes through them one by one). So if you issue four DNS lookups you will get: => => => =>
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  6. Ah, thank you, i understand :) But do I have to use round robin if the proxies are on different servers?
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    By design, you will need to roundrobin if you want more than two proxies accessible by the same way, eg 2 proxies by connecting to Whether they are on the same server or not is irrelevant.
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    One last thing, you'll want a way to synchronize some BungeeCord state if you plan on running multiple proxies. I made RedisBungee for this very purpose.
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