More worlds or more servers?

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  1. Hey guys, i come back with another newbye question as usual. Recently we upgraded our old server with a
    Intel Xeon E3 1225v2,

    16 GB,3x 120 GB SSD.

    Now we have 0 lag problems, the server load in timings is at 30% and we reach 65% ram occupied after 24hours without restart. Atm we have a faction word (limited to 50k blocks with worldborder), nether, the end, a plotword, and a small 4k blocks world where we put our events. 30 people online.

    We wanted to add a skyblock world and a pvp world. The pvp world is a simple really small world with not destructible blocks, separate inventories and pvp kits. For skyblocks I want to use the Island Word plugin.

    My question is, on a resource point of view, it is better to create these extra world of create extra servers? And how much would it be the difference? I'm kinda busy and this server thing is just a hobby of mine and some friends so I don't really wanna have problems setting up all again for bungeecord and create more servers if it isnt needed.

    Also, how many players we could have at the same time with this situation? thz
  2. More servers, spigot core is basicly singlethread
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  3. It is hard to configure? And how much ram more it would take if compared to the actual situation? I don't really wanna lose my head working a week on this thing if it isn't extremely needed. xd
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    What he said xD, also having more worlds on one server will just make lag and make it hold less players.
  5. Go for multiple servers or you will have a lot of performance problems.
  6. Just setup the bungeecord :D
  7. More servers is the best way to go I think :D
  8. It depends. If you are running different themed worlds, then I would separate them into servers. Like you wouldn't want a Factions Survival and PVE Survival on the same server. Would just be a conflict of interest, people hoarding items in PVE, Factions clan names showing up in PVE chat, etc. Of course there's plugins to solve those issues, but it's just easier to set up Bungee Cord. However if you have a Survival Server and want to add a mini game or two, there's no harm in having a mini game world.
  9. I have 1 Server and 10 world all different themed, 100+ players tested no problems. If you Server is good and your plugins are coded/configured correctly then you should have minimal problems. That being said there are many other benefits to having several smaller server rather then just one powerful server as well.
  10. So being multiserver is better to avoid plugins interference between each other and to use all my cpu cores since spigot isn't multicore? Atm I have setup some more worlds and my CPU stay at 40-45% max, but I could start having problems with more players? Do you know how much would be the difference in performance?
  11. So, I Am On A Server Host And Want To Add Another Server But I Don't Want To Have To Pay $100's A Month, I Either Want To Downgrade To A PC Hosted One But How Will I Keep It Up 24/7 Without Leaving My PC On?
  12. You can't. You need to leave the pc on 24/7 to keep it open.