Spigot MoreGapples 1.8-1.10 1.3.0

Create more custom gapples/eatables with each having custom potion effects / names / lores/ cooldown

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    MoreGapples - Add more gapples with custom effects to the game.

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  2. I tried adding multiple apples to my config.yml please help, idk if it's not possible or I've made an error?

    EDIT: There's also a bug and you can eat the gapple unlimited times :I
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  3. This is the format for adding new apples.
    Code (Text):

      Name: "Bad Gapple"
      - "This is a custom"
      - "Second Line of Custom Lore"
      Item: 322
      Data: 1
      Glow: false
      - "BLINDNESS:100:1"
    Change the identifier on the top, which is Apple1 with what you will have next, if you have 2 previous apples, change it to Apple3, you will also need to change the Total, in config file to the amount of total apples you have in the config.

    And about that bug? Don't gapple work this way? that you can eat it unlimited time, if you have something else in mind please do share :)
  4. I did that and it didn't help
  5. Can you show me your config file?
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    Fixed :D

    Fixed New Entries not being made

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  7. There should be a cooldown for each gapple which can be customized. The cooldown message can be customized as well & other messages should be customizable within the configuration. I would really like this :)
  8. Added to my To-Do list.
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    Major Update

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  10. Currently can't create items, please test it out and see if you get it I want this plugin updated more it's crazy amazing :)
  11. cooldown and effects not working for custom gapples

    your permissions are listed wrong. For example, apples.give is the permission to give command, not apples.admin.give and in your front page you don't have the perm for the apples.admin.create

    alias commands appear to not be working

    I'm on Spigot 1.8.8

    I have a file GAPPLE.yml in my eatables folder. Give command gives item with correct lore but I can eat them repeatedly and I get default effects.
    Here is the GAPPLE.yml file:
    Code (Text):

      Name: '&5Golden Apple'
      - '&c3 &3minute cool down'
      - '&5- Absorption'
      - '&5- Regeneration'
      - '&5- Damage Resist'
      - '&5- Fire Resist'
      Item: 322
      Data: 1
      Glow: true
      Food: 0
      Health: 0
      Cooldown: '3m'
      - ABSORPTION:240:1
      - REGENERATION:25:4
      - FIRE_RESISTANCE:500:1