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  2. No sound when TELEPORT to another world
  3. these JOIN LEAVE sounds can be heard in the main world, but not in other worlds
    please add one that all the world can hear :D
  4. So, you want to add a song when you teleport to another world?
  5. when you enter the server, you will hear the sound of TELEPORT
    There is also the IronElevators plug-in, and moving up and down will also emit the sound of TELEPORT
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  6. I’ll have a look later.
  7. So what do you want exactly? I've install IronElevators on my server and yes, it is normal to hear the TELEPORT sound because the plugin teleports you. Also, you can change the sound when you join the server.
  8. can't it be modified to be inaudible?
  9. It can. Just disable the teleport sound in the config.
  10. add an ender particle effect teleported to another point
  11. Alright, in the next version I'll add an Ender Particle Effect.
  12. Let HIT HIT_SWORD sound effect can be heard by others
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  13. Why?
  14. I've mispoken
    Is let HIT HIT_SWORD sound effect can be heard by others
  15. No.
  16. I think you swapped the pitch with volumes in config
  17. I'll have a look, thanks!
  18. Yes, you was right, I've messed them up. I'll post the update in few minutes.