Spigot Morph 1.1 (Beta)

Become anything, be everything.

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    Morph - Become anything, be anything.

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  2. Is this like disguises with abilities?
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    Some fixes

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  4. No pics, no clicks.
  5. After a good laugh, realized I had a pic from testing with a bud. Shows off the plugin well.

    and the same "bud" morphed as me..
    Head rotation is a bit messed up in this one, but meh.
  6. Will we be able to go through 1x1 areas in a wolf/pig/chicken/bat morph?
  7. Been messing around with this on my server and for the most part no issues. I would like to request a way to limit the flying ability or maybe the time a player can stay morphed. I am trying to find a good timed permissions plugin that would work with bpermissions and maybe that will solves my problems. the only issue we seem to be having is the morph is not showing all the time.
  8. Ummm help me, I am on a 1.9 server, I thought this plugin was really cool so I installed it to my server, I found the command /morph and it showed up this: What do I do? Please help me.