Spigot Mos Are Humans Too 1.2.1

Mos are humans too!

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    Mos Are Humans Too (version 1.0) - Mobs are humans too!

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    Wasn't done before because no one had a disguise plugin good enough ;)
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  4. Hahaha this plugin reminded me of this
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  5. Doesnt seem to work with the new update.
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  7. request feature:
    -Possibility to add own skin to the Player, so the other player not only see a steeve skin, but a real player skin
    -MobNameWhenPlayer seem to be limited to 14 sign, could you please increase to more
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    The skins are directly fetched from the name of the player.
    Player names are limited to 16 letters. Coloring counts.
  9. Can you also add an option
    to only send the sounds of the disguises?
    Like: send-original-sounds:false (if false it'll send the disguises sounds, if true the original mob that was disguised).
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    You could somehow use PlayerHeads to at least make the mob/entity have some sort of customisation?
  11. Horse causes clientside to close.
    spigot 1021
    bcord 588

    edit: Why is chicken wearing a suit as player, and everything else is steve...?
    is skin changable?
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  12. Nope, the Human skins are bound to their
    belonging MineCraft.net account so their skin
    cannot be changed unless you own these accounts.

    For a tempfix you can rename the Username
    of what the Chicken mob will disguise in human form.
    e.g. chicken with a lower 'c' would return a Steve skin
  13. so someone owns Chicken? rofl...
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    Download the latest version of LibsDisguises.
    Fixes it
  15. Can we have them spawn with configurable armour and weapons? and also the ability to pick only one mob to be disguised as a player/npc

    Also maybe chances the mob will spawn as the player/npc
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    I have no plans to make this plugin complicated
  17. Fixed it? nooooooo I like the different skin! XD
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    I think I replied to the wrong person.
    But it fixes the horse crash. Not the skin xD
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  19. no it was the right person, just wrong quote :p
  20. Is it currently possible to make them a specific player's skin?

    IE: COW: PLAYER=Wounded_Fighter