Most Popular Gamemodes?

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What is your favorite gamemode?

  1. Factions PvP

  2. KitPvP

  3. OPPrison

  4. Prison

  5. Towny Survival

  6. Creative

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  7. HCF

  8. Other

  9. Skyblock

  1. Hey guys! So, I was looking around and all of the threads about most popular gamemodes are from 2013 or so. A lot of smaller server owners look for these to know what kind of servers to make. So, answer on the poll or comment below your favorite gamemode or what you think is the most popular! Thanks!
  2. Gianluca

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    From what I have seen, SkyBlock and HCF are the most popular at the moment
  3. Custom ones will get you the farthest but
  4. Ya, I added skyblock. It does seem very popular atm
  5. SkyBlock is up there, I think Factions is starting to rise again though.
  6. The server I am working on currently has factions, opprison, and towny. We have a custom gamemode in mind though... ;)
  7. GaIaxy


    For sure SkyBlock. Factions is still pretty popular. I haven't seen much with Prison anymore sadly.

    It all boils down to if your server is optimized or not. If it's a terrible server, it will not matter if it's a popular gamemode or not.
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