Spigot MOTD [1.8 - 1.15] 2.3.6

Set your server Motd with one command.

  1. What do you mean by not work for you? Any message show up when you use the command?
  2. Yes a message shows up but motd is not changed. I need to go in the config files and change it manually and do /motd reload..
  3. PAPI does not apply. How can I add PAPI?

    '&eWelcome to the server. now player : ({playercount})/ 100 (Max)'
    '&eWelcome to the server. now player : %{playercount}% / 100 (Max)'
    '&eWelcome to the server. now player : %playercount% / 100 (Max)'
    '&eWelcome to the server. now player : {playercount} / 100 (Max)'
    everything is not work
  4. Doesn't support PAPI yet.
  5. Plugin dead?
  6. works in 1.15?
  7. Put on proxy or lobby server?
  8. Proxy server is not support. Only lobby server is supported.
  9. Using it on PaperMC 1.16.1, and sort of work like it did on 1.15.2
    When you run /motd reload in rcon, it has no effect. But when you run it in minecraft as a admin, it works.
  10. You mean execute the command in console not working?
  11. Executing it via Remote Console it is not working. I got a response that it executed, but nothing changed.
    It is working when I log into the game and run it as a OP
    But subsequently, the need for the plugin has became no longer needed and was removed.
    It is a great plugin, and will keep it in my inactive plugins for maybe future use.
  12. When will the 1.16 version come? And would it be possible for you to add animations?