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  1. I messed up on my MOTD and would like some help fixing my mistake. Here is my MOTD:
    \u00A7c-\=\=[\u00A79 \u00BB \u00A76SlaughterHouse \u00A79\u00AB \u00A7c]\=\=- -\=\=[\u00A79 \u00BB \u00A7l\u00A76KitPvP\u00A7r\u00A79\u00A7kL\u00A7l\u00A76\u00A79 \u00AB\u00A7r\u00A7c ]\=\=- \u00A7b\u00A7m\u00A7l--\u00A7r\u00A78\u00A7m\u00A7l[-\u00A7r \u00A75\u00A7n\u00A7oThe PvP Experience Starts Here\! \u00A7r\u00A78\u00A7m\u00A7l-]\u00A7r\u00A7b\u00A7m\u00A7l--

    I would like The PvP Experience Starts Here! to not be underlined and to be gold
    I would also not like that moving symbol after Kit PvP

    Please help. Thanks.
  2. \u00A7c-\=\=[\u00A79 \u00BB \u00A76SlaughterHouse \u00A79\u00AB \u00A7c]\=\=- -\=\=[\u00A79 \u00BB \u00A7l\u00A76KitPvP\u00A7l\u00A76\u00A79 \u00AB\u00A7r\u00A7c ]\=\=- \u00A7b\u00A7m\u00A7l--\u00A7r\u00A78\u00A7m\u00A7l[-\u00A7r \u00A76\u00A7oThe PvP Experience Starts Here\! \u00A7r\u00A78\u00A7m\u00A7l-]\u00A7r\u00A7b\u00A7m\u00A7l--