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  1. jamesd5 submitted a new resource:

    Fixed Commands
    - Added enable mount mode messages
    - Added disable mount mode messages
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    Mount4Life Verizon 1.1

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  3. smmmadden


    I'm assuming that you added this to the wrong category and it is NOT a BungeeCord Resource since there was no mention of it on the Overview tab. If that is true, please update the resource to the correct category so that it doesn't get folks confused where to put the jar (e.g. Bungee or Spigot). :)
  4. My bad, sorry I am still new to spigot and very new to posting. Thanks for letting me know ahead of the time :)
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  5. smmmadden


    No worries - you are not the first and won't be the last to do that. :) I've just added this to the spreadsheet so that other server owners can find this more easily.
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  6. Okay I am going to sound dumb right now. But does this plugin work? I know I tried an earlier version and was able to mount on things just fine. I do have permissions set up. I do not see any errors in the console and the plugin does load.

    It's default right-click to mount? Shift to sneak then right click? Because I tried both and am just confused.
  7. You are in 1.13 right? Well it should not matter. If it worked then it should work now. Have you tried “/m4 (you username)” does it say enabled? If so it should work by interacting with entities. The button Would usually be the right click button, at least the button you interact with to open chests, eat food etc... If it still does not work contact me. I will be glad to help. :)