Spigot Move Back Down 1.4

Ever wanted to stop players going above or below a certain y position?

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    Move Back Down - Ever wanted to stop players going above y=256?

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  2. It shall be done!
  3. It's world based?
  4. No but that's yet another great idea lol
  5. Yep, some worlds need different configurations from others. :D
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  6. Does this support players when they use an elytra? Just curious what happens if a player tries to fly above or below the set limit.
  7. It should! Test it and tell me what happens lol
  8. Does this work in all worlds?
    Like nether worlds?
    end worlds?

    is there a bypass permission to go above?
  9. It works in whatever world you specify.
    Currently doesn't use permissions however I could add a bypass perm fairly fast!
  10. What version of Minecraft are you using?
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    Added a depend to ConfigAPI

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  12. Hmm, well I guess you could just either simply disable it by setting down to something such as -400 but how would your players be getting that low if bedrock is in the way?
  13. Does this support 1.12? If no might we be able to expect an update soon?
  14. I will update it shortly, hopefully it's already supported but an official version for 1.12 shall be up soon!