Bungee - Proxy MoveMeNow 1.2-17

Move player on kick

  1. It does to me...

  2. same!
  3. I don't get this. I'm running latest bungee and SPIGOT make sure you're running spigot, not paper spigot or something else.
  4. I'm going to need a lot more info.

    BungeeCord version/build number
    MC servers and versions/build number (I only tested it with spigot, but it should work fine with any well-behaving server)
    MoveMeNow config and version

    Without all that, I can't even reproduce the issue, let alone fix it.
  5. So I take it roblabla since you replied June 20 that this still works with 1.10?
  6. Link is dead anyway
  7. where i can eddit this? "actual message as sent by the server." roblabla

    por si hablas español, necesito saber donde edito el mensaje de kick de los servidores. Osea debo colocar el plugin en mi bungeecord y luego en los demás servidores?

    Yo queiro excluir el servidor de registro "authlobby" y que los demas servidores al ser kikeado el jugador los lleve al "lobby" principal.
  8. the plugin is not moving player on hub if the player was on server is 1.12.x, anyone have this issue? @roblabla
  9. Does this plugin work with 1.12?

    EDIT: This doesnt load at all, and im on version 1.12.1.
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  10. @Tonairplayer51 Maybe just read the description? (Because of his review)

    "mode can either be blacklist or whitelist."

  11. andrewkm

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    Working great here on 1.14.2
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  12. Where do I have to put the .jar? All servers? or only the bungee?
  13. Only in the bungee. It does it's job automatically.
  14. Looks like the download link is broken - anyone have the .jar?
  15. MiniDigger


  16. Thanks @Tyuop for telling me on github that the link was dead. I uploaded the Jar on SpigotMC so it should now be forever up.

    Note that I have no clue if this still works, and I am not going to actively maintain it. If someone wants to take over its development, feel free to send PRs on github and I'll gladly review and merge them.
  17. Thanks for reply!
  18. what is the list section?? plugin isnt working for me do i need to put my servers under list?