Moving a player to another server when server abruptly stops

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  1. I currently have made a plugin that sends player to a hub server on kick. This works fine when stopping/restart/kicking the player, but when I force shutdown the spigot server (instantly stop it), or sometimes when the spigot server stops abruptly due to a crash, the player gets disconnected from the bungeecord (proxy disconnected). I'm currently using ServerKickEvent and setCancelServer to do this. How do I catch abrupt stops and move players to a hub server?
  2. remove the permission from /stop make a plugin with the command /stop with perms and when u type it make a for and send all player to a different server
  3. theirs a configuration option for this if you use bungee? its fallback server i think
  4. Sometimes the fallback server dont work and the player is kicked from the server I dont know if there is a way to grant that all players are redirect if a server crashes.

    Make a spigot plugin that create a command named "stop" and make on its execution the redirecting using the plugin message system before the "Server#shutdown()"
  5. You could write a bungee plugin to boot players to another server if the server dies.
  6. Hello could you try this