Solved Moving ArmorStands for a RollerCoaster.

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by siebsie23, Jul 1, 2017.

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  1. That looks amazing!
    Is this going to be released on Spigot as this is something I would download!
  2. No, it's not going to be released as it is not user-friendly to set up and it would not be 'special' anymore for servers to have it.
  3. If you want I can help you with your banking.
  4. Sure, that would be great!
  5. If you want I could help through skype?
  6. Sure, ill send my skype in a pm
  7. Hi, I was wondering when you are going to contact me.
  8. I think around friday, I'm really busy with some project and my school.
  9. If you roughly know the corner angle of a turn the cart is driving though, and the speed it's going, you can calculate a banking angle based on that. I'd say the angle of a turn plays the biggest part in this. (tighter turn = more banking, lower speed = less banking).
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  10. Already figured that out, However it didnt really work out in code for some reason.
  11. Do you still export your tracks from blender? Because blender has an option to edit the tilt of the spline (track), wich you can export using a certain script.
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  12. Yes, i am still exporting the track from blender. I already found a way of calculating the banking (Only a few bugs i need to fix), the plugin is nearly finished.
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  13. How do you calculate the banking? I have a smarter method i think so..
  14. Im calculating yes.
  15. I would pay die this! It's looks nice!
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  16. Hello
    Its possible to have the link of the plugin?
    Its very beautiful plugin
    Thanks you
  17. Can i Ask, how you get your 3D model into Minecraft? Im also working on a theme park server, which will be opening soon. And i allready fixed the path with vector. I only need to add the 3D model, but i wouldn't know how!
  18. You can search for 3d models on google or just buy Cubik Studio and create it by ur own. Its a great app btw, I have it and it worth the money

    Btw, I wouldn't recommend you to use a 3d model texture on any server. Since it have to replace other texture to make it working..
  19. Not entirely true, you can add models to damaged items or items that have a certain amount of the unbreakable enchantment. This means you can add models to an item that you normally cant get by just playing the game.
  20. Really?. How can I do that?, if you can explain it more it going to be great !
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