Moving Models with a path

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  1. Dear people from SpigotMC,
    I'm working on a resourcepack with custom 3D Models. I am going to use the resourcepack for my server where we builded the populair Themepark ' The Efteling'.

    This is a picture from the cart of 'Gondolleta'.


    The idea is now that we have the armorstand go let move over diamond blocks covered by the armorstand. The intention is that the gold blocks stand for 90 degrees to rotate. Here is a picture:


    I hope you guys understand it, and i will thank you for your help!


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  2. What's the question you are asking? Is it possible? How to go about moving the model? Etc?
  3. It looks great! Can i get the resourcepack? And wich models are you going to make? Symbolica, Baron 1898, PiraƱa,Carnaval Festival?