Spigot Moving Structures 1.7

Elevators, Planes, cars, and even trains!

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    Moving Structures - Elevators, Planes, cars, and even trains!

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  2. Make sure that it surpasses Movecraft in quality!

    - Make sure all structure types can be added. (Do it like Movecraft, where you have the default structures, but you can configure your own.)
    - Cannons compatibility. (MOVING CANNONS!)
    - Ships, ships, ships.
    - Have structures work like the real thing, like ships needing sails, etc.
    - Make sure people can make structures any way they want.
    - Perms per structure type.
    - Make sure to have a comprehensive documentation, and keep your code clean!
    - Make sure something like a Siege Tower can't, you know, climb over the wall.
    - Size and block limits.
  3. Will you do on 1.10.2?
  4. I love the ideas. This at first is going to be a creative only type thing where you can create any formed structures aka a giant wall, or a super cool dragon or a simple car that you made with vanilla blocks. Then these structures will be turned into a moving structure (a.k.a. shulker falling sand masked) and when a player stands on a structure he will move with it. I'm thinking of using a repeatable animation type just made with some simple inventory stuff but not sure yet. So that means anything you could imageing will move. Then later on I may make an addition for survival type structures including boats and other things, but for now that's what I am intending this to be!

    Yes I will port it down to 1.10.2 once I finish everything up. That'll be quite some time but it can't be a huge problem either.
  5. Ah, so as an admin I can, say go *builds boat* then create the structure as "ElueShip1" and it would work kinda like an Archimedes ship? (If so, you should probably specify how many entities should be in a structure to avoid lagg.) Are the Shulkers to make it solid and prevent collision?

    Also, would I be able to move the created structure, say, from a flat world to the main map?
  6. Yes sort of. You as an admin can build a boat, then you would setup a path the boat would follow, the path would be followed via the center point of the structure or you could set the point the path of the boat travels. The shulkers are to make it actually walkable. If there were no shulkers you'd fall through and it'd be ridiculous :p. The limit I'd stick with is approx. 100 blocks, that means 201 entities all in all and you should usually be fine with entities.

    You'd just re-spawn the structure, you could even move the saved structure file outside of one server and into a hole new server!
    - Disclaimer (Has not been fully made yet)
  7. Ah, so I set a path? Does that mean that they aren't moveable manually yet?

    EDIT: Installed the plugin to test it, doesn't seem to make the config and throws an error when making a Structure. https://hastebin.com/ugitihabab.vbs (Noticing it says 1.0, did you upload the wrong version by mistake?)
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  8. Well, the plugin is nowhere near being finished, you can look at progress here. And I will make a progress bar on the main page here so everyone can understand that this is a W.I.P. I just wanted peoples opinions and thoughts! So thanks :D
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  10. Yes and Yes
  11. Maybe I didn't export the right version to the right place when I uploaded it.. I know I'm not getting the error anymore so that's gotta be the problem, lemme re-upload it!
  12. "Placed Block" is written when not editting
    No way to delete blocks
    highly suggest implmenting worldedit and/or schematics to add structures as well as their coordinates
    ./stopediting produces and internal error when not editing
  13. Happens because I was debugging something, meant to delete it ooops

    That'll be coming just wait a second :p

    Interesting, never worked with world edit so it might not be for a long while.

    Didn't realize, I'll look into it.

    Thanks for the help! :D
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    A lot of fixes and additions!

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    Working on moving the structures

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