Multi-Block Structures

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  1. I need some way to Make Multi-block structures. I wold Like It to be able to open a gui / run a skript when they Right-click on it. (My Idea is to allow them to upgrade it.)
  2. What do you mean by "Multi-block structures" and "upgrading them"?
  3. oh those are a nightmare, you have to account for every rotation, etc. it's no simple task

    pretty much do, if block 1 meter above {loc} is stone brick

    and so on for every block that is here

    I recommend making a schematic system in skript for bigger structure checks to avoid repetitive code (I've made one, could share if you wish when I'm on PC)
  4. ok... going off of
    You would be a god It you could share the schematics system. I have been at this for awhile.
    Also my skript acts with the structure's place being recorded in {%player%::forge:1} and that variable holds x:y:z Like 100:60:100. Is there a better way to do this?
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  5. there isn't a better way, you're doing it the best with xyz, you could use location object, but that has issues with world references, so saving it your way is safest, maybe add a world name to the xyz too

    I'll try send tomorrow
  6. ok I added the world, The variable should look something like massivezappy's-island:100:60:100
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  7. here's my schematic script:

    it uses caching to reduce storage, but it is still terribly inefficient storing of schematics compared to the normal schematic format

    you have to set
    {-pos::1} and {-pos::2}
    then /createschematik

    then there's function paste_schematic(location)

    this script does not support having more than one schematic, but it is very easy to add support for that yourself, as the logic is already done

    no addons needed other than MundoSK, which is pretty optional and could be remade to not use any addon
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